4 New Smart Home Technologies Every Homeowner Should Know

More than half of the world’s population is online. There are more IOT (Inter of Things) devices than humans today. In the age of digital transformation, the way we lead our lives have undergone a sea change. From smartphones, smart devices, smart cars to smart homes, technology has enriched our living experience. Smart homes have connected devices that can be managed by a touch, thereby putting all your worries to rest. You do not need to worry about turning your coffee maker off or activating the security alarm. A smart home puts all these nagging worries to an end.

Let’s dive deep and have a detailed understanding of a few smart home technologies which have the potential to disrupt human lives.

a. Google Nest Hub: Google Nest Hub has Google Assitant- one of the smartest virtual assistants available in the marketplace today. Though Siri, Alexa, and Cortana fans might vouch for their superiority over Google Assistant, the verdict over supremacy is out in the open. Google Nest Hub’s smart display has a 7″ touchscreen with 1024 x 600 resolution and works seamlessly with more than 5,000 smart devices across different brands. You can get Google Assistant to answer questions on almost everything under the sun.

b. Amazon Echo5 – Amazon Echo 5 is, undoubtedly, numero uno in smart displays. It has an inbuilt proprietary virtual assistant, Alexa, capable of managing various smart devices and answer a myriad variety of questions from weather, news, and much more. Amazon Echo 5 makes video calling easy. You can listen to your favorite tracks as well, thanks to 1.65″ 4W stereo speakers.

Amazon Echo – Smart speaker with Alexa | Powered by Dolby – White

C. D-Link Wi-Fi Indoor 720p HD Pan & Tilt IP CameraD-Link Wi-Fi Indoor 720p HD Pan & Tilt IP Camera works as an indoor surveillance camera with high definition resolution of 720p. It can help you in tracking incidents of intrusion and theft attempts. It is capable of recording videos even in poor light conditions and complete darkness. Once connected with home Wi-Fi, you can monitor what’s happening at your home/premises without any hassle. It is quite popular thanks to compatibility with various other smart devices and technologies viz — Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.

D-Link HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera

d. KODAK Cherish F685 Camera – KODAK Cherish F685 Camera is the new kid on the smart security camera arena and has become popular with masses. It has a full HD 1080p resolution with infrared night vision capability to boot. The camera is backed by Kodak, which has decades of quality experience in the field. The Cherish F685 is being appreciated, and cash registers tell the story of its popularity.

KODAK Cherish F685 Home Security Camera with Mobile App – Full-HD Wireless 

Smart homes are becoming popular among millennial’s in a big way. The new generation wants to control and monitor everything through a touch on smartphones, and smart homes make it possible. Remote monitoring and management of household appliances are gaining momentum, and therefore, there is a demand for smart homes in emerging as well as developed markets.

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