Best 10 Power Tools Manufacturers in India 2023

Power Tools are useful for home projects as well as industrial applications. They can perform simple and complex tasks too. Users can save energy and time by finishing difficult tasks with the help of these power tools. They can perform multiple functions like driving, drilling, cutting, shaping, sanding, grinding, routing, polishing, painting, etc. Some of its advantages include high effectiveness, more efficiency, and high performance. Speaking about power tools, we are now going to share with you some of the best power tool manufacturers present in India. 

Best 10 Power Tools Manufacturers in India:

  1. Aegon Power Tools – Aegon tools are preferred for their highest standards in safety, durability and efficiency. They are preferred for their compatibility with all standard accessories. They have a wide product range that is applicable for construction, woodworking and metalworking projects. Most of their products are lightweight and ergonomically designed to provide a good user experience. Aegon brand is known for offering new and effective professional tooling solutions.
  2. Josch Power Tools – Josch Group is India’s premier original equipment manufacturer for power tools. Its product portfolio includes an angle grinder, marble cutter and wall chaser. Its tools are manufactured with precise design, durability and optimum quality. Their products are known for ethical standards and continuous R&D. They are also known for versatile products and timely delivery of the products.
  3. Taparia Power Tools – Taparia group manufactures high-quality hand tools that are economical, safe and efficient. They come with a wide range of products that include pliers, spanners, Allen keys, gear pullers, etc. The tools are known for standard quality performance. 
  4. Cumi Power Tools – Cumi group manufactures and supplies the product types that comprise abrasives, accessories, tile cutters, angle grinders, drills, etc. These advanced power tools apply to various industries like construction, interior designing, metalworking, woodworking, etc. They are known for offering quality standards both in manufacturing and supplying all types of power tools.
  5. Eastman Power Tools – Eastman power tools come with a wide range of products that include electric drills, impact drills, hammer drills, angle grinders, marble cutter, jigsaw, router, blower, heat gun, etc. These power tools are made accurately and are sturdy and highly functional. Some of its unique features include superior quality, robust construction and long working life. These tools are mainly used for boring, cutting and drilling purposes. They come in various colours and have variable speed options with a driven type as electric. 
  6. Electrex Power Tools – It is one of India’s top manufacturers of professional portable power tools. Also, it is one of the first producers to introduce marble cutters in India. Their wide range of products includes the construction, woodworking and metalworking industry. Electrex power tools are preferred for the high quality, better design, good raw material and workmanship. They are more into products: cutters, drills, planers, angle grinders, cut off machines, rotary drill hammers, and blowers. Some of the electric power tools are manufactured in technical collaboration with the world-renowned Hitachi company. 
  7. Endico Power Tools – Endico is the first manufacturer of woodworking router with a unique design in terms of production. These routers are known for producing fine cuts with an exceptional finish. The company also manufactures angle grinder, woodcutter, marble cutter, blower, etc. They are used for various purposes like plumbing, electricity, construction, industrial jobs, etc. Endico blowers are suitable for light-duty work like paint drying, debris removal, etc. The hammer drills are lightweight and durable to use on various materials like wood, metal and plastic. 
  8. Japson Power Tools – It is one of the top suppliers of Grinding and Milling machinery in India. It deals with about 200 types of machines. Some of its product range includes drilling machines, power tools, grinders, blowers, cutters, welding machines, spray guns, etc. The products are known for high quality, customer satisfaction and profitability. Their dimensions of quality refer to various attributes such as dependability, speed, flexibility and cost. 
  9. Planet Power Tools – This company’s power tools are widely used in construction, metal, chemicals, and engineering industries. It has a product range that includes cutters, drills, grinders, saws, blowers, planer, hammer drills and polishers. The tools are easy to handle, durable and have a strong construction. 
  10. Ralliwolf Power Tools – Ralliwolf power tools are the pioneer and one of India’s largest manufacturers of portable power tools. They are suitable for all beginners, DIYers and professionals. The company is equipped with dedicated professionals and technical experts. They manufacture the product range consisting of angle grinder, rotary drill, pistol grip drill, cutters, grinders, etc. The tools are mostly lightweight and require less maintenance. They are known for sturdiness, heavy-duty performance and reliability. 

10 Best Power Tools Brand in India

Sl.NoPower Tools Brand in India
1Aegon Power Tools
2Josch Power Tools
3Taparia Power Tools
4Cumi Power Tools
5Eastman Power Tools
6Electrex Power Tools
7Endico Power Tools
8Japson Power Tools
9Planet Power Tools
10Ralliwolf Power Tools


Power Tools are a significant part and the main category of efficient devices. They are useful for almost all sectors like construction, garden, cleaning tasks, etc. These are the tools that not only make our work more comfortable but also our lives. Thus, we have brought to your attention the best power tools manufacturers in India to reduce your research work pain. The Indian brands of power tools mentioned in this article are known for their versatility, high durability, power and high performance.

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