Top 5 Best Pressure Washers in India For Car, Home

Owning a car is an exciting experience, especially if you are a first-time buyer. However, maintaining and keeping it clean on dusty Indian roads could be a tedious task for many of us. Interestingly, India doesn’t have those road vacuum cleaners in most of the cities as you might have seen in developed countries where roads are clean. So, how do the car owners keep their car clean? Hope you are not the one who doesn’t mind rubbing his new vehicle with green Scotch-Brite pads that are primarily meant to clean utensils. OMG! If you are doing so, you are damaging your most expensive asset after the house. Repeated use of these pads can take away its shine and colour.

So, car aficionados stay tuned; let me introduce you with a much safer and effective way to wash your car conveniently at home.

5 Best Pressure washers in India (2020) For Cars & Home

Hikoki (Hitachi) AW150-2000W High Pressure Car Washer

The Hikoki (Hitachi) AW150-2000W High Pressure Washer helps you to go beyond the basic car wash. It makes car cleaning job so easy and exciting activity. The device comes with a trigger gun, high-pressure hose, variable nozzle spray lance; water feed connector, and one touch hose joint.

Karcher K4 Premium – Pressure Washer

With Karcher K4 Premium – car washing is fun, not a task.  This compact, easy-to-operate, high-pressure car washer comes with accessories like quick connector, high-pressure gun, one jet spray, dirt blaster, and a ¾ inch garden hose connector adaptor. The device is one of the best car washers available under ten thousand Rupees.

Yuri YR RS1- 1800 W Electric High Pressure Washer

Priced at approximately 5000 bucks, this compact, portable, plastic body, easy to handle car-cleaning device helps you to clean your car quickly and efficiently. The machine comes with 1800W Electric high-pressure washer with water flow rate of 390 Ltr/h that helps users to get rid of all germs, dirt, and strains and enables you drive your sweet ride in style.

KPT SPW1400 – 1400 Pressure Washer

This ergonomically designed, lightweight, portable, KPT SPW1400 comes with working pressure of 120 bars. With power input of 1400 W, the device can pump the water with flow rate of 6Ltr/minute. The adjustable trigger for variable flow control enables you regulate water flow and offer you everything you need to clean any surface. The machine is available at reasonable price.

Cumi CCW 90-90 Bar Car Washer

This lightweight, portable, blue color Cumi CCW 90- car Washer makes your car look as good as it has just come out of the showroom. It’s ergonomically design and compact size enables users to carry it anywhere and use it for long-term basis. The machine needs 230 volt to operate and removes all types of dusts, dirt from vehicles effortlessly with water flow rate of 360 L/hour.

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