Best Safety Hand Gloves for Electrical Work

Electric gloves are used during high and low voltage applications to save the workers from various shocks, burns, fires, and explosions. These gloves are usually made up of natural or synthetic rubber. They are applicable to electricians and technicians. The gloves generally have close-fitting and excellent grip to allow the worker to perform multitasking while handling motor, wiring electrical boxes or conduit and junction terminals. The 2 main factors to consider while selecting the electrical gloves are dexterity and flexibility to handle wires and cables properly. It should also have a puncture resistance feature to avoid accidents. The other feature includes anti-static or electrostatic dissipation to protect the user from high voltage events. Let us now see the best electrical safety hand gloves for your workers. 

Best Electrical Safety Gloves available online:

Klein Tools 40082 Lineman Work Gloves – It has a soft grain leather construction with reinforced leather palm and finger patches. The gloves have more flexibility and dexterity due to the double row padded knuckles. Klein tools gloves have a slip resistance feature to offer firm handling of wire and cable. The extended cuff is to allow the user to remove the gloves easily. These safety gloves are made up of spandex material that improves the breathability of the gloves. Thus, it helps in increasing the comfort of wearing it for a longer time. 

Magid Safety M011B10 Safety Gloves – It is an insulating latex glove mainly used by linemen workers, electrical contractors, field service workers and high machine voltage operators. Magid safety gloves are applicable for various industrial applications. It has good elasticity and a puncture-resistant feature than nitrile and vinyl material gloves. These gloves have high physical strength and a smooth finish. 

Maxiflex Nitrile Grip Work Gloves – These gloves have nitrile coating that offers a perfect grip and abrasion resistance. It has holes for air passage with microfoam coating for improving the comfort of using these gloves. The knits help block the wrist portion to prevent the foreign object that may enter the gloves. It is silicone-free and thinner than other nitrile foam gloves. 

3M Nitrile Foam Coated Comfort Gloves – It has a high cut, puncture and tear-resistance. It comes with improved dexterity and grip that makes it suitable even for a wet and oily environment. 3M Nitrile gloves are the long-lasting and washable type of gloves. The gloves have excellent breathability and a lightweight feature. It protects the users from abrasion and cuts while cable splicing, conduit handling, metal stamping or fabrication applications. 

National Safety Apparel Rubber Voltage Insulating Glove – It is an ideal option for arc flash and general FR applications, linemen, electricians, electrical co-operatives, etc. National Safety Insulating Gloves are made up of rubber material and are worn with the liner for extra comfort and protection. 


It is essential to provide your electric workers with a reliable electrical safety glove. The best brands for these gloves include 3M, Klein, Magid safety, and Maxiflex.

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