ESAB Auto K 400 – MIG/MAG Welding Thyristorised Power Source

Welding machines find application in metalworking, metallurgical and fabrication processes.  MIG Welding Machines: Metal Inert Gas welding machines use a gas metal arc welding process. These machines churn out superior quality welds with bare minimum weld splatter.  MIG welding machines are most popular in automobile industries.

ESAB Auto K 400 - MIG/MAG Welding Thyristorised Power Source
ESAB Auto K 400 – MIG/MAG Welding Thyristorised Power Source

A solid wire with no flux is used for Gas Metal Arc Welding process. Weld puddle is guarded with the help of shielding gas. GMAW is used to produce superior quality welds with bare minimal weld splatter. GMAW is also popularly known as MIG (Metal Inert Gas). Direct power current source and supply of constant voltage is critical for this type of welding process. MIG welding is used for silicon bronze, welding steel, aluminium alloys, stainless steel, and silicon bronze.

It is a compact machine with Thyristorised rugged power source meant for mechanized MIG/MAG. The machine also has a hex phase rectification that gives almost ripple free welding output without any spatter. Fresh Tip Treatment (FTT) control of the welding machine obliterates the development of globules at the wire tip during the weld stop condition. Fresh Arc Start (FAS) control instantaneously enhances the arc-striking rate for superior arc striking.

Self-hold circuitry with a crater control module is one of the striking features of this machine. For optimum utilization, this MIG welding machines have a pre-flow of shielding gas coupled with burn-back control. The welding machine has safeguards against thermal overloading and single phasing. It is an ideal pick for MIG/MAG welding applications with increased productivity and quality. ESAB Auto K 400 is one of the top-selling MIG/MAG Welding Thyristorised power source in the industry.

Some of the salient features of ESAB Auto K 400 – MIG/MAG Welding Thyristorised Power Source are as follows:

  • Adjustment of Welding Current: Stepless
  • Dimension: 675 x 350 x 690 mm
  • Drive System: DC Motor
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Input Supply: 415 V
  • Max Open circuit voltage/Steps: 55 V DC
  • Model: Auto K 400
  • Output at 100 Percentage Duty Cycle: 310 A
  • Output at 60 Percentage Duty Cycle: 400 A
  • Product Type: MIG/MAG Welding Thyristorised Power Source
  •  Cooling: Forced Air Cooling
  • Weight: 122 Kg
  • Welding Current Range: 60 – 400 A
  • Wire diameter/Type: 0.8 – 1.2 mm/ MS
  • Wire feed speed: 1.5 – 22 m/min
  • Wire feeder Mechanism: Double Roll Quick Change Over Type

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