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Bosch Marble Cutter

Introduction: While talking mainly about the power tools, tile cutter is widely used tool and well known in the construction and engineering line of businesses.

Along with the technology, even the resource and the raw materials required in business are attaining advancement and modification. Thus, we need to understand this parameter and look for a tool that can be operated on the finished goods made from these modified raw materials accordingly. It is not that just by selecting the right tool; things will go well. We need to operate the device in the right way as well to get the desired results. At a time, it happens that before getting these desired results, there is an occurrence of damage or breakage of the tiles while operating these tile cutters.

In this piece of knowledge sharing article, we are focusing on the below-mentioned aspects to be considered while selecting the tile cutter.

Types of Tile Cutter

  1. Manual v/s Electric tile cutter

A manual tile cutter is a type that will help you cut in a straight manner. It is robust and sturdy in structure with lightweight and handy so that it can be placed easily in your toolkit. As the name suggests, it is to be operated manually so suitable for lighter duty jobs.

An electric tile cutter is a type of tool that is preferred for the heavy duty job type. It comes in various shapes and sizes suitable for enormous volume demands but difficult to transport due to bulkiness in nature. They are faster and reliable for cutting thick width tiles and tiles made from sturdy materials.

Let’s have a glance over the best tile cutters for 2019:

  • Bosch GDC 121  – 1250W Diamond Tile Cutter – It is one of the most demanded tile cutters designed by Bosch by taking the customized user needs into high consideration. The cutter is specialized for dust insulation and is consisting of an air cooling system to ensure the longevity of the motor. They are suitable for long running projects as durability is more of this type of tile cutter motor. The disc diameter is 125 mm and weighs about 3 kgs with 5 inches marble cutter. The ergonomically designed handle is mainly for vertical cutting and fatigue-less usage. It proved to be a user-friendly cutter due to its wide base plate and optimized planned water device adaption.
  • Dewalt DW862 – 1270W Heavy Duty Tile – This type of cutter is meant for an enormous volume of tiles to be operated. The materials include concrete, granite, porcelain, and other stone materials. It proves to be the best fit for a 45 deg sharp cut. Due to its lightweight feature, it increases the portability. This tool possesses a 13-inch water line to feed water to the blade the soft and comfortable grip results in the ease of operating the device.
  • Makita MT410 – 1200W, 110mm Tile Cutter – It is a tile cutter having a more powerful cutting feature designed by Makita. It can be used as a multi-function cutter. Also, it can cut the masonry wall, concrete, tiles, granites, marbles, wood, and plastic. It includes long life motor with high cutting capacity with 32 mm dept Heavy metallic head for long life and sturdy operation. This type of cutter is well known for the industrial professionals along with the domestic technicians.

2. Accessories to be combined correctly: Accessories play a vital role if applied with the cutter to get the best results. Thus, it makes it easy and fast to cut almost all types of mosaic with no usage of water.

3 Things to be noted after buying the cutter: Check whether the cutting tool is working in good condition by moving it slightly and ensure that it doesn’t create small lumps or damage along the perimeter. Also, confirm if the tool is in the solid state i.e., no loose nuts or cracks over the body line. See to it that you get a test session to demonstrate and test the process on the material installed.

4. Correct direction to use the cutter: It is highly recommended to use the cutter appropriately to avoid the fatal damage to the operator. Thus, always refer to the installation and user manual that is being provided along with the product. Also, take assistance from a service person to seek help regarding the installation and operation part after possessing the tool for your business.

Thus, we would like to conclude by saying that it is never sufficient for us to select the right tile cutter but also combine it with relevant accessories. The user must be aware of the right directions and applications to operate the tool that he/she is working.

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