Pneumatic Rammer Specifications & Suppliers

Pneumatic rammers are powered by air flow which minimizes tool overheating to a greater extent. These rammers have Simplate valve which ensures smooth operation. Pneumatic rammers are used to pool together loose soils and gravels and stop them from settling. It offers a stable base for footings.

 pneumatic rammer
pneumatic rammer

Sand rammers have bench and floor variants. Bench sand rammers are perfect tools for compacting sand molds in casting and foundry industries. The bench rammers are capable of delivering hard blows meant for small and medium forms. The floor rammers deliver slower but powerful blows to compact all types of backfill efficiently. These sand rammers are ergonomically designed to ensure minimal user fatigue and are easy to operate. Pneumatic rammers are corrosion resistant and are best suited for ramming and hammering. They usually have an impact rate of 800 BPM and weigh less than 11 kilograms approximately. Chicago pneumatic rammers are quite popular in the marketplace.

Salient features of Chicago Pneumatic rammers:

  • Piston Stroke2-1/2″
  • Piston Bore2-1/2″
  • Blows per Minute1800
  • CFM @ Full Load14.0
  • Required Pressure90 psi
  • Air Inlet1/4″ Min. Hose Size3/8″
  • Overall Length11-1/32″
  • Handle Type- Straight
  • Retainer Type – Latch
  • Features – Heat Treated Parts Offer Extra Durability

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