How to Choose the Best Mitre Saw?

Mitre saws are known for their impeccable accuracy and precision in cutting wood, plastic, and other materials. When it comes to unparalleled cutting experience, amateurs, and professionals, both of them prefer to use a Miter saw for their projects. Let’s do a deep-dive in to find out how to choose the best Miter saw for your project needs.

Depending upon your specific project requirements, you can choose the following Miter saws:

Compound Miter saws: These Miter saws help you in executing precise cuts at angles, and bevels. Compound mitre saws can be mounted on a bench and then used for some heavy-duty cutting of wide variety of materials such as non-ferrous materials, coarse wood and even plastic. There are some Miter saws capable of swinging the blade to one side. Double bevel mitre saws are also available. You should choose mitre saws which come with a blade guard to protect yourself .

Tips for Buying a Power Miter Saw

While selecting a mitre saw, you should keep the following things in mind:


The depth and the height of cuts depend upon the blade used in miter saws. Mitre saw blades usually have a size range of 8 to 12 inches. Different types of blades are used for cutting different materials such as aluminum, wood, and plastic. Blades with more teeth can execute the finest cuts.


For cutting wooden pieces at certain depth, a sliding action while cutting is recommended. Saws with sliding action capability are also known as chop saws or cut-off saws. Make sure to check with cutting capacity of mitre saws while buying. If you need to make deep cuts, then choose mitre saws which allow sliding action with maximum cutting depths.


Mitre saws have different bevel variants. Single bevel mitre saws and double level mitre saws are most common as they can tilt either left or right direction allowing flexibility to the cut materials at different angles. This also allows complex angled cuts for making furniture and crown moulding.


Accessories play an important role in influencing the buying decision. The versatility and utility of a mitre saw can be enhanced by coupling it with the right set of accessories. From portability standpoint, buying a stand would help you in moving the tool from one jobsite to another with ease. You need to equip the stand with clamps, adjustable legs and roller carriers for better mobility across multiple locations in job sites.

Dust and Extraction Management

Cutting materials generate a vast amount of dust and managing dust and associated waste materials is a real-time challenges. While buying a mitre saw, make sure you purchase a compatible dust extractor or vacuum which enable you to collect sawdust and minimize air pollution at job area. For health and safety of workers involved in cutting jobs, it pays to keep the worksite clean and air quality at breathable levels. Dust and extraction management, therefore, becomes vital.

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