Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Safety Helmet On-Site

A safety helmet is one of the prime components in personal protective equipment. It is the form of protective tool that helps the laborers from fatal accidents and unforeseen injuries. Every worker must use these safety helmets in factories and plants. As an adage goes, “Prevention is better than cure”. Helmets work as a protective shield for the user against various mishaps. These accidents are in the form of a falling object, the dry impact of an object in motion, tripping of legs, etc. It comes in various colours, patterns, shapes, sizes and designs. Usually, the outer cover of the helmet is made either of plastic or fiberglass. It comes along with various accessories like a visor, ear protectors, mirrors, flashlight, chinstrap and thick insulating side pads.

Top 5 reasons to wear safety helmet On-Site:

  • Prevention against head injuries – Head injuries are life-threatening and too costly. Also, it can permanently affect one’s life. It is a prevalent cause in sectors like construction, manufacturing and industrial plants. Few of the typical head injuries include concussions, brain hemorrhage, hematoma and skull fractures. With the latest technology safety helmets have become more comfortable, durable and safer for workers. 
  • Barrier against slip and falls – Safety helmets are must for workers working at heights. Certain hazards, like falling objects, can be prevented by installing toe boards on scaffolds. The workers can get into severe head trauma in case they slip, trip or fall from height. There are various other personal protective equipment like the full-body harness to arrest the body while falling and avoid a fatal accident. Thus, it is highly recommended for the workers who are working at heights to use safety helmets and save themselves from slip, fall or tripling accidents. 
  • Shielding from Sun radiations – Safety helmets also help in providing proper protection against harmful sun rays for labours working in company sites and industrial plants. It not only helps in reducing the chances of heatstroke problem but also makes the working process fatigue-free. 
  • Identification of worker’s designation – The other prime reason for using safety helmets mandatorily in industrial areas and company sites is that classify the workers based on their roles. Usually, the supervisors have a different colour code helmet like that of their workers on construction sites. There are stickers, labels and markers as well to reflect essential information and thereby avoid unnecessary delays or confusions in the process. Also, the branding thing has become a big part of the marketing. You can easily find various company logos in the form of stickers on the safety helmets. 
  • Improved security of survival in accidents – In the industrial work sites there are multiple forms of accidents occurring due to various causes like tripping from the truck during transportation, slipping of the heavy industrial objects due to mishandling, falling off the equipment from the height while working, etc. These can prove to be a fatal problem for the labours working on the site. These safety helmets will cut down half of the risk of getting injured or hampered from these accidents. Thus, the security level is upgraded to a higher one with the help of safety helmets by surviving the workers from hazardous accidents.

Safety helmets come in different types based on the application. So, the user has to check the type of helmet depending on the activity to protect the user adequately. It is necessary to have a proper fit helmet to have a comfortable experience. It also helps in having an even fitness and thus cannot move back and forth. Helmets to have shelf life just like other perishable products. Few of them can withstand mild impacts, whereas some can withstand multiple impacts.


As per the facts and figures presented by some of the trusted statistical information providers, one of the most common causes of occupational accidents are due to falling of heavy and sharp items, head injuries from slipping or tripping and mishandling of heavy machine equipment. In such a scenario, safety helmets play as a lifesaver for the workers of the companies. Thus, considering the above vital factors for using safety helmets, you can start providing them to your workers. It will reduce fatal accidents and deaths in your companies and also help in the working process run smoothly and fatigue-free.

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