Types of Packing Crates and their Uses

Crates are one of the forms of material handling and packaging system. It is a type of container that can be used for storage, transport and distribution or handling of products. It is a secondary wrapping that helps in keeping the goods safe until they are delivered. In India, majorly the crates are constructed from wooden material traditionally and plastics in modern times. It comes in different size, shape, colour, pattern and material. They are predominantly made up of HDPE High-Density Polyethylene and sometimes from PP Polypropylene. There is an injection moulded type of crates that have a long life and easy handling ability with a lightweight feature.

 Different Types of Packing Crates
Different Types of Packing Crates

Classification of Packing Crates

Based on the Type of Products that are to be Stored:

  • Industrial Plastic Crates: It has a sturdy construction, elegant finish and optimum quality. It is mostly used in factories and warehouses. It can be used for both storage and material handling purpose. It is made up of high-grade quality raw material by using the fabrication process. It helps in improving the lifetime of the carrying tool. It has various factors like high strength, resistance, durability, temperature and longevity. 
  • Multi usage plastic crates: It is used for multiple applications like tent & catering, fresh production, glass, bakery, tiles, etc. It has a crack, chip and corrosion-resistant with the hazardous environment and UV radiations. It is light in weight and easy to handle with soft-touch design. It is suitable for storing clothes, kid’s toy, kitchenware, fruits, vegetables, pantry items, beauty products, etc. It is toxic, hygienic and easy to clean as well.
  • PP Corrugated Crates: It has the most aesthetic design made without metal and glue. It is light in weight and environment-friendly. It is foldable and thus can save a lot of space. It is made using the latest ultra-sonic technology of welding to provide specific shape, size, partition and lining. It has longevity, high durability and is water & heat resistant. It is reusable and recyclable.
  • Ice Cream Crates: It comes in multiple sizes and colours. It is made up of ABS material. It is anti-bacterial and has a good strength feature. Usually, it has a long life. It comes in rectangular, round and square shape. It is leak-proof and has top quality insulation system within the crate. It has a high impact and is crack resistant. It has a zero corrosion feature with easy cleaning and bacteria-free option. It has an airtight construction.
  • Meat Packaging Crates: It is specially designed for the meat and poultry industry. It has the facility to drain the water from its edges. It also has unique conditions for storing and transporting the meat products. It is used in the automated logistics process. It has a smoother inner surface for easy cleaning purpose. It is mainly suitable for the dishwasher’s task.
  • Fabrication Crates: It is basically used in engineering, automobile, stationery and electronics. They are precisely designed with longevity and lightweight feature. The automobile crates are having a seamless finish and are scratch-resistant. It is effortless to carry.
  • Dairy Crates: It is designed to carry, transport and distribute dairy products. It is available with partition for safe handling of milk products. It can carry the different size of milk pouches. It is suitable for cold storage and transport.

Based on the Type of Crate Pattern for Storing the Products:

  • Stitched and Wire Bound Crate: It is one of the fine art designed crate type. It is one of the affordable options. It has a sturdy and rigid construction. It has a triangular corner that supplies the ultimate strength to the crate.
  • Open Crates: It is mainly made up of wooden planks. These type of crates have wide space inside the container. This is for the purpose of maintaining the proper aeration inside and ensure that the stored products are not getting spoilt.
  • Frame Crates: It has grilled sidewalls and bottom either closed or grilled. User can see the content stored in this type of crate. Usually, it is used for carrying shipping items. It is helpful to move heavy stuff that doesn’t require surface protection while transporting the items.
  • Closed Crates: It is the form of a crate that has no opening. It is used for moving materials that can be contained in specific areas. Thus, there is no risk of spilling or leakage from the container.
  • Folding Crates: It is a type of crate that can be folded to flat assembly. This is done user needs to save the space when it is not in use. It is useful when the user has very less weight items to store and transport.
  • Nestable and Stackable Plastic Crate: It is used for optimum utilization of space or efficient storage in the warehouse. It comes with a lid or without as per the requirement. It is light in weight and is mostly used in fisheries, agriculture or textile industry.
  • Bottle Crates: It is designed to store and transport the bottles or beverage containers with safe and easy handling. They are available with partitions to separate bottles that can clash with each other. It offers a secure solution to prevent the damaging of bottles during transit, loading, stacking and storing the bottles. It is majorly used in the dairy and food industry.


From this we can conclude that the storage and transport of the products is part and parcel of every business type. There is a container in the form of crate available in the market place to make it easy and convenient. Thus, crate becomes an integral part of your business process. All the best and happy moving!!

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