Why should you choose Bajaj Bollard Lights?

Bollard lights offer the broader visibility of overhead lights coupled with ease of installation and super -easy maintenance. They enhance the aesthetics of landscapes and gardens. Bollard light fixtures come in various shapes such as square, round, flat or dome top along with different reflectors. Reflectors are mostly used to limit the light on bollard posts.

LED Garden Lights
LED Garden Lights

Bajaj Bollard Lights

Bajaj Bollard Lights are known for their sheer exuberance and brightness. These LED Garden Lights are mostly used in lighting pathways, gardens, parks and landscapes.

Features of Bajaj Bollard Lights:

  • For pleasant and soothing light output, Bajaj Bollard Lights have Mushroom shape, opal acrylic diffuser fixed in die-cast aluminium base
  • LEDs are meant for mounted on die-cast aluminium base.
  • Driver for 6W / 9W LEDs. Maintenance is done by removing the die-cast aluminium base
  • These lights are designed to be mounted directly on the concrete pedestals
  • Bollard lights have an impeccable finish as they are coated with graphite grey powder.
  • Makers of Bajaj Bollard Lights have ensured IP65 -degree of protection.

Types of reflectors used in bollard lights:

a) Standard cone reflectors- These reflectors transmit light in 360 degrees’ range and are capable of offering more comprehensive illumination range.

b) Specialized Cone Reflectors: These special reflectors transmit light and minimize glare.

c) Type V Glass Reflectors: These reflectors are used for ensuring an intense lighting effect.

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